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Track: Rude (Magic! Cover)
Artist: Kina Grannis


love how she didn’t change pronouns

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Went to get my hair cut today. I’ve had a hard time finding a place to go. In the past I went to one in my local mall; they were nice, but my short hair was more pixie and feathered than I liked. I wanted a more masculine cut. I found a place where they give me a great cut, but, because of a language gap, it isn’t exactly what I want. So I thought, “I’ll go to a place that specializes in men’s haircuts!” It doesn’t seem like an outrageous request..I’m pretty gender non conforming so I was hoping there wouldn’t be any issue. I was mistaken. They turned me away saying they have an ‘atmosphere’ or something like that. So, now I’m sad and hurt. And I need someone I trust to cut my hair. If you live in the JMU area and know of someone, or are someone, who will give me a men’s cut please message me!

JMU and Harrisonburg friends/followers, know anyone??

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